Unfiltered: IG Live Interview with Abigail Grey

Aug 13, 2020
Instagram Live

The 11th installment of “Unfiltered” featured Burlington, Vermont-based photographer Abigail Grey in conversation with publicist Rachael Brink. While she originally got her start in wedding photography, Abigail’s recent editorial work was featured on our client blog for her work with The Magnolia Journal. During the interview, we touch on how the photographer’s career has grown and the new skillsets she’s learning along the way.

Abigail Grey IG Live editorial work

Though she has expanded into editorial, product, and portraiture work, Abigail still primarily works in wedding photography. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she’s been photographing a lot more elopements and small-scale weddings with 20 or fewer people.

Abigail Grey IG Live wedding shot

Learn more about how Abigail’s photography career started and where she plans to head in the future by watching the full interview below.



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