Unfiltered: IG Live Interview with Josh Behan

Jun 18, 2020
Instagram Live

Lucky week seven brings Josh Behan to “Unfiltered.” The Rhode Island-based photographer has had his work featured on our site a few times in the past, but we focused on his portrait project of his neighbors on their front porches.

Josh Behan Unfiltered IG Live this one is under 10 MB

Josh, like all of our photographers who have done work similar to this, stressed that safety came first — especially considering he photographed a 90-year-old man to begin “Front Porchrait.”

Most of our chat saw Josh discuss how he’s getting back into the swing of things. With many states slowly reopening, completing assignments is becoming more feasible. Thus, the onus falls on the photographer to maintain connections and keep the attention of potential clients. To that end, Josh says he dedicates a few hours each day to emailing, promoting, and marketing his work to clients. Find out how he balances a busier workweek with raising a young family!

We look forward to continuing our semi-weekly IG Live conversations on Tuesday afternoons at 2 p.m. If you can’t view the discussion live, check our YouTube page or our COVID-19 Resources page to get the link to the recorded videos.