Unfiltered: IG Live Interview with Julia Lehman

Dec 31, 2020
Instagram Live

Episode 16 of our Unfiltered Live interview series introduces us to humanitarian and fine-art photographer Julia Lehman, based in Philadelphia. She spoke with me, photo editor and creative consultant Jen Warren, about a recent collaboration with Luna Maye and content around the elements such as fire, air, earth, and water in honor of Mother Earth in hopes to inspire others to want to protect and heal it. 

Julia Lehman Luna Maye image

We spoke about her recent project, The Lonely City-COVID series, in which she takes her video skills to new heights (literally) and shares some fantastic prints with us. 

Julia Lehman's aerial image of water park

Julia also showed some beautiful underwater images and talks about what it takes for her to ‘get that shot.’ I dove a bit deeper (ha!) in the conversation to find out how Julia started in this niche and what type of housing and gear she is using. Julia shared what it takes to hold her breath underwater, as well as to get her models to do the same. Seriously fascinating! 

Julia Lehman's underwater image of a woman wrapped in plastic

We finished our conversation with her activism project, which can be found on her fine-art site. Julia began The Plastic Project May 2018 with the hope to bring awareness of the horrible plastic pollution we are battling in our oceans around the world.”

Julia Lehman's underwater image of a woman wrapped in plastic

Unfortunately, the video for this interview has been lost.