Unfiltered: IG Live interview with Pedro Oliveira

Sep 11, 2020
Instagram Live

Lucky number 13 brings Pedro Oliveira to “Unfiltered” on Wonderful Machine’s Instagram Live. The Portland-based photographer has one of the most interesting backgrounds of all WM members. Pedro grew up in small-town Brazil and has always been drawn to smaller communities as opposed to large metropolises. Though he never imagined he’d call America’s Pacific Northwest home, he and his partner have been there for years after Pedro lived in Atlanta for a time.

Pedro Oliveira 9 u 9 IG Live

Most of Pedro’s really good friends are much older than him (like, double his age), which has made the past few months tough on the freelancer. In order to cope with that swirl of emotions — and to snap out of a creative rut — Pedro went and photographed some of the older couples in the area he knew for a personal project called “9 under the 19.”

Pedro Oliveira 9 u 9 second shot

An open and honest person, Pedro discussed the mental health issues plaguing him, other creatives, and people around the world in general. He stressed the idea that people should seek help during tough times, something that he’s never been afraid to do. Fortunately, the talented photographer has seen some of his recent personal work get licensed and shown around the world. For example, Pedro’s personal work called “Beyond the 60th Sense,” for which he talked to numerous women over 60 to get their perspective on ageism and sexism, was published in famed German publication Der Spiegel.

Pedro Oliveira 60th sense tear

Find out what Pedro believes is the key to getting personal work out in the world and licensed by checking out the full interview below!

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