Volcanic Aftermath and Other News From Iceland

Apr 23, 2010
Photographer News

Our Icelandic photographer, Bragi Josefsson, just emailed us this somewhat peaceful photograph from the aftermath of the volcano eruptions in his fair land:

Fortunately, he lives over 100km away from the volcanoes and didn’t have to fly this week. Bragi also shoots architectural interiors and exteriors, people, and his share of landscapes.

Bragi also recently won an esteemed “Magazine photograph of the year” in the annual Press Photo competition in Iceland. We have to take his word on it because the site’s in Icelandic (actually,¬†you can verify just by dropping the URL into Google Translate) :

And I’m glad to see that Iceland’s standards for modern design live up to its Scandinavian brethren, as Bragi so nicely documents in his work:

-Neil Binkley