Weekly Roundup: 1/21/11

Jan 21, 2011
Weekly Roundup

New York City goes FAR TOO FAST! Get out while you can!

The city moves fast, but business is still slow. (Photo by Claudio Beier/Miami)

Need to catch up on reading the classics? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t also be taking pictures.

I wonder why they don’t give instructions for making your own… and whether the reason involves explosions.

It’s cold here, but we still can’t do this.

Address any questions of Winter Magic to this woman. (Photo by Eric Eggly/Detroit)

Technology has finally fulfilled its promise. It can now turn you into a character from DOOM.

I’m just worried about this guy’s ear.

This new toy may work, but can we talk seriously about it for a minute? I’m concerned that it’s going to cause people’s eyeballs to fly out of their heads.

This is what I think of your 3D glasses! (Photo by Michael McElroy/Miami)

Just doing my duty by passing along this video, which promises to result in happy amateur photographers and new friendships.

Photographer Update: