Weekly Roundup: 12/14/12

Dec 14, 2012
Weekly Roundup

Bad games.

10 agencies with the best company cultures.

Weird sports.

Some of these sports are full of hot air. photo by Amy Harrity

Black and white (and the disposable camera) is back!

Bright bus stops fight SAD.

Architecture for dogs.

This deluxe dog home features 7 heated indoor fire hydrants and a pool-sized water bowl. photo by Anthony Lindsey

How to advertise advertising space.

Exploding soda commercial has Coke and Pepsi nervous.

New Zealand is teaching dogs to drive, for some reason.

Dogs are about to get a lot better at chasing cars. photo by John Early

Photoshop in photographer: what defines a photograph?

Nude plaster portraits.

Photographers Update:

– Maria Luci

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