Weekly Roundup: 12/21/12

Dec 21, 2012
Weekly Roundup

Today’s the day! Prepare for the apocalypse!

No apocalypse yet? Well then, Santa-Gator wishes you a Merry Weekend Links!

Known to commute via Rein-weilers. photo by Nicolle Clemetson

Mini train photography… just in time to put under your mini tree!

Top photographic magazine covers of the year.

Which Wes Anderson character are you?

The red cap and affinity towards strumming peg Santa as a member of Team Zissou for sure. photo by Jamey Guy

So you want to watch a holiday movie?

8 most insane ads of 2012.

What people will pay when they can pay what they want.

Urban sledding.

Not to be confused with ‘Desert Sleighing’. photo by Jacom Stephens

Indiana Jones and the Mysterious Package.

Mystery solved!


– Maria Luci

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