Weekly Roundup: 12/30/11 *Special New Year’s Edition

Dec 30, 2011
Weekly Roundup

Happy New Year from Wonderful Machine!

2011 replayed in Iconic Photos.

The best travel photos of the year.

12 months of protest.

The year’s top 10 most-viewed YouTube videos.

It was a good year for Pit Bull. photo by Mark Katzman/St Louis

Feature Shoot’s 10 most popular photo posts of 2011.

Most viral brands of the year.

Lego recreations of iconic 2011 moments.

Lego people AND Jason Voorhess join the rank of Occupy. Photo by Radhika Chalasani/New York

Best photo blog posts on the year.

Coolest world records of 2011.

A designer finally brought some much needed laser light to the runway. Photo by Stephen Landau/New York

Wonderful Machine’s most popular post of 2011

Photographers Update:

– Maria Luci

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