Weekly Roundup: 12/7/13

Dec 7, 2013
Weekly Roundup

Canine Companionship.

Tattoo fails.

Kid Christmas list.


They know what they want. Photo by Ryan Gibson.

Kanye vs. Creative Director.

Useless stock photos.

Delivery by Drone.

Stage of mind.


Create your own wonderland. Photo by Roy Ritchie.

Plantable wrapping paper.

Professional finger painting.

Photographers Update:

Winnie Au shoots for L’Arco Baleno, Refinery 29 and GQ.

Jared Soares featured on Photo District News.

Zachary Bako featured in The Wall Street Journal.

Adam Lerner shoots Izod Gift Guide.

Greg Ceo featured on Daily Candy.

Wynn Myers shoots look book for Kelly Wynne.

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