Weekly Roundup: 1/4/14

Jan 4, 2014
Weekly Roundup

Skin Furniture.

100 Cameras: Photos taken by children, for children.

Cleavage pays.

Picture 5

In more ways than you think. Photo by Martin Bauendahl.

Photoshop fails.

Octopus chandelier.

Pastel icebergs.

Best cat photos of 2013.

Little edible people.

Picture 4

A miniature party. Photo by Priscilla Gragg.

Why visual content will dominate 2014.

Photographers Update:

Hollis Bennett shoots a casket company for Al Jazeera America.

Floyd Dean new work for fashion designer Nary Manivong.

Tim Rue makes USA Today’s Best of the Best for 2013 Life Section.

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