Weekly Roundup: 2/11/11

Feb 11, 2011
Weekly Roundup

STOP THE PRESSES! No, wait, scratch that, let them go, because Wonderful Machine has been featured in the Wall Street Journal! Okay, so the article is only available online, but I never pass up an opportunity to use a cliche.

Save some paper; read online-only content! (Photo by Matt Rainwaters/Austin)

This guy may be the coolest dad ever, but the kid is just going to grow up and say, “What the hell is this, Dad? Does it have something to do with VCRs?”

Remember the guy who had a camera surgically installed onto his head? Um, yeah, don’t do that.

There’s more to Detroit than Chrysler and Eminem.

Detroit has a bad reputation, but from the right angle, it does look inhabited. (Photo by Roy Ritchie/Detroit)

Interested in art but too lazy to get to the museum? Google has something for you.

Enjoy art from the comfort of your underpants, and never get shushed by a surly security guard again! (Photo by Max Hirshfeld/Washington DC)

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