Weekly Roundup: 3/23/12

Mar 23, 2012
Weekly Roundup

Inception explained.

World’s smallest car, now available.

Also in development: the world’s smallest (and least practical) dump truck. photo by Bruce Peterson/Boston

Israel bans use of underweight models in advertising photos.

Exotic dancer photos from the ’90s…the 1890s that is.

Insert Armageddon joke here.”

Asteroid apocalypse plans are well underway. Now can we start working on the zombie one? photo by Michael Clinard/Seattle

Books exploding out of buildings.

Man photographs himself in a pink tutu

PANTONE makeup.

20 ways to recycle your obsolete iPad 2.

One tiny hand.

Hey, not everybody can have such symmetrical hands. photo by Noako Kakuta/San Francisco

Photographers Update:

– Maria Luci

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