Weekly Roundup: 3/25/11

Mar 24, 2011
Weekly Roundup

Even if you could trap a hipster, why would you want one?

These amateur trappers should consider adding stupid hats and mustaches. (Photo by Brian Kuhlmann/Chicago)

Though this is a nice idea, they have clearly not understood the rules of Tetris.

Though this is certainly quite pretty, I have (1) no idea how it happened and (2) no idea where I am.

Don’t throw away your childhood toys; they could become important works of art.

In case of fine art project, break glass. (Photo by Thomas Broening/San Francisco)

Another wonderful machine. (Or is it wonderfull machine?)

Though usually weekend links is a frivolous Friday event, sometimes we have to get serious and talk about serious subjects. That’s why I would like to post this important video that takes stock of the week and tries to figure out what’s coming in the future.

Photographer Update: