Weekly Roundup: 4/1/11

Mar 31, 2011
Weekly Roundup

As mobile communication progresses, it will get far too creepy to even use.

Tattoo machines can be used for good or evil.

In this medium, the canvas and muse can be the be one in the same. (Photo by Max Dolberg/San Diego)

What’s happening in this animation? Not sure, but I guess it’s cute, right?

I shudder to imagine high school 20 years from now.

Technology may be constantly changing, but the high school landscape of stereotyping and abuse is here to stay. (Photo by Roger Hagadone/New York)

Though this coat kind of makes you invisible, it doesn’t seem to help you get into the girls’ locker room.

Is this for the internet?

Someone give this man a job.

It feels beautiful to smash things sometimes, but it’s even more beautiful to see it in slow motion.

Only cops, robbers, and videographers get to smash things just to watch 'em break. (Photo by Jonathan Hanson/Baltimore)

This is a cake.

Photographer Update: