Weekly Roundup: 4/13/12

Apr 13, 2012
Weekly Roundup

Moving’ on up…to a deluxe apartment made of LEGOS.

Al Franken for Stock Photography.

We're typical kids at the beach! We're too young to vote and don't yet fully understand politics, but we strongly support Al Franken. photo by Robert Holland/Miami

For when your art director needs a pick me up.

Presto chango! iPad to Macbook Pro, like magic.

Stop photographer abuse.

Shh...don't tell Bill we're using his photograph! photo by Bill Cramer/Philadelphia

Black cat auditions.

Who knew Martians were such Jimmy Buffet fans?

Equally perplexing was NASA's image of what appears to be a fully operational "Tilt-A-Whirl." photo by David Bowman/Minneapolis

It started with Muybridge.

Texts from Hillary.

Photographers Update:

– Maria Luci

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