Weekly Roundup: 4/6/12

Apr 6, 2012
Weekly Roundup

50 things every creative should know.

Silver & Light.

Some people use their iPhone everywhere…and I mean everywhere.

Can you hold, Bob? I’ve got mom on the other line. photo by Tim Rue/Los Angeles

Fresh guacamole.

10 year old solves the Euro Crisis.

He also noted that the Dollar was much tastier than the Drachme. photo by John Kuczala/New York

10 great TV spots directed by Wes Anderson.

Famous people with cameras.

Van Gogh’s sunflowers were mutants!

Careful, lil’ lady…they may mutants! photo by Douglas Sonders/Washington DC

How brands got their names.

And now, a kitten terrified by a vacuum.

Photographers Update:

– Maria Luci

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