Weekly Roundup: 5/27/11

May 26, 2011
Weekly Roundup

Big Brother is watching (and recognizing) you.

Andy Reynolds, Seattle WA Photography

Protect your face, and the faces of those you love! Photo by Andy Reynolds/Seattle

And you thought your camera was heavy.

Making the most of your last moments, photographer style.

Hmm…isn’t that what camera phones are for?

I’m actually more scared than excited to drink Evian now…

Jesse Rieser Photography Los Angeles, CA

Advertisers know it: creepy babies are an evergreen attention getter! Photo by Jesse Rieser/Los Angeles

Buy the thanks you (don’t) deserve.

Don’t even think about trying to get this camera on a plane.

Bryan Regan Raleigh photography

Cell phone detonated pinhole camera. Photo by Bryan Regan/Raleigh

Hey you! What song are you listening to?

Photographers Update:

– Maria