Weekly Roundup: 6/10/11

Jun 9, 2011
Weekly Roundup

Tickets on sale now for The Museum of Me.

Design your Museum of Self Love to be equally wonderful and terrifying. Photo by Virgile Simon Bertrand/China

Out of this world self portrait.

Finally, someone with the guts—and money—to write a hilarious angry feedback letter.

Sometimes you can use that angry feedback to your advantage.

Glad to know I’m not the only one who looks nothing like their passport photo.

I guess we can get rid of our 5Ds now.

Because photographers are so dangerous.

Scourge of Homeland Security. And self important security guards. Photo by Andy Wakeman/Grand Rapids

I’m not sure if I want Chewbacca staring at me in the shower

A website that mixes two of my favorite things.

Hilarious cats continue their domination of the internet. Photo by Bartek Durczewski/Poland

Great! A Leica I can actually afford!

Photographers Update: