Weekly Roundup: 7/1/11

Jun 30, 2011
Weekly Roundup

I read Robopocalypse, and I can tell you this does not end well.

Sorry, I totaled the car. Photo by Adam Voorhes/Austin

Eventually we’ll be retouching infants to make them thinner.

Or maybe we’ll just use computer generated models instead.

CGI'm perfect! Photo by Sanjay Kothari/China

Get married at a vending machine and save the memories with your iPhone. Like I said, robopocalypse.

Barcode art.

Almost makes me wish I had a land line.

It’s all fun and games until golfers start dying.

Careful Tiger, that sky looks ominous! Photo by Simon Bruty/Washington DC

A midsummer night’s dream.

A midwinter night’s dream.

Photographers Update:

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