Weekly Roundup: 7/16/10

Jul 16, 2010
Weekly Roundup

It’s the end of the week, so today we’re going to bring you some amusing links to keep the wonderful feeling going through the weekend.

Photo by Zhang Jingna

First, a quick photographer update. Zhang Jingna has a post on her blog describing the taxing but rewarding process of setting up an exhibition. It looks great, and we’re glad she made it through. Christian Columbres tells us on his blog that his image was selected to be on the splash page of the Association of Independent Architectural Photographers, and Ferit Kuyas has been in Guatemala, where he won the Open Artist Call Award at the first ever Guatephoto Festival.

Friday’s a good day for reflection on the work of the week, so we’re taking a look at Design Taxi’s opinionated two-part answer to the question “What Makes a Good Creative Director?” Share your answers in the comments.

As crossover ventures like the Guggenheim/YouTube collaboration show, communication technology is extending into more traditional media spaces, like fine arts and the publishing industry. For example, if you have always felt constrained by drawing and its limited two dimensions, you may want to check out a new computerized 3-D drawing machine brought to you by MIT. We’re considering putting in an order for one at the Wonderful Machine office; we think it could revolutionize our doodling.

In fact, we’ve already discovered a way to doodle while we work. Designer Anatoly Zenkov is offering an application that tracks the activities of your mouse and produces an infographic based on its movement.

We hold new media technology close to our hearts. (Photo by Caesar Lima.)

With all the innovation in magazine technology (like Wired’s iPad issue), it’s interesting to see Field & Stream magazine join the fun with its interactive issue. You don’t need an iPad to use it, though you do need a gun.

Speaking of guns, our photographer Eli Meir Kaplan was in Virginia shooting some women who were prepared to shoot him, for a story about the “Open Carry” movement. Check out the pictures of gun-toting soccer moms on his blog.

Time to cool off. (Photo by Martin Sundberg.)

It’s been hot in Philadelphia. And while we want to avoid getting too sweaty, we also don’t want to stop thinking about photography; that’s why we’re relieved to hear about this combination of cameras and soap.

Finally, if someone hasn’t already forwarded you this email dialogue about the trials and tribulations of working in design, you should probably read it now.

-Asad Haider