Weekly Roundup: 7/23/10

Jul 23, 2010
Weekly Roundup

This week contained the birthday of Marshall McLuhan, early prophet of the mass media who brought us the line “the medium is the message.” If you have ever felt like a camera or a computer screen was an extension of your brain, you are living in McLuhan’s world. Here’s an article about him from Wired.

Technology is the retina of the mind's eye, even for him. (Photo by Ryan Robinson/Chicago)

It’s a good week to think about the influence of technology on design. Retinart gives a useful and inspiring overview of modernist design principles in his blog post about “The New Typography.”

Typography is really, really interesting. (Photo by Tamar Levine/Los Angeles)

For some reason, the importance of typography is being questioned in the very media that are built by it. But it’s nice to see that design integrity is still maintained in offices.

As we look back over modernism and all that it has given us, it’s difficult to repress the urge to participate in the art. Thankfully, Kostya Loginov and Vlad Yakovlev have designed a web app that allows us to modify a composition of Piet Mondrian.

Now he can participate. (Photo by Max Hirshfeld/Washington DC)

Of course, modifying images is fairly standard nowadays. Considering that standards of beauty have been shaped so strongly by Photoshop, wouldn’t it be nice to apply it directly to your face and teeth?

-Asad Haider