Weekly Roundup: 7/29/11

Jul 29, 2011
Weekly Roundup

The state of the web right now.

Help share a story and incite social change with your photography.

Introducing the mobile homeless shelter.

Remind me to stay away from this billboard.

Try to imagine all the mosquitos they’re devouring, not the terror of a disoriented bat entering your home. Photo by Matt Rainwaters/Austin

The cure for road rage?

For the inner graffiti artist in all of us.

Sketching before you arrive on site can be the difference between graffiti and a MURAL. Photo by Martin Sundberg/San Francisco

The joy of the fix.

Yeah, go ahead and count me out.

Alex Mainz / Germany

Another great way to snag some killer aerial shots without an unforeseen meeting with the sidewalk. Photo by Alex Mainz/Germany

Tiny town made even tinier.

They even took her coupons!

Photographers Update:

– Maria

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