Weekly Roundup: 7/30/10

Jul 30, 2010
Weekly Roundup

Finally, the weekend. Good time to relax and take a walk round the block. Or, if you can snag an unofficial marketing assignment for Levi’s jeans, why not walk across the entire United States? There was enormous enthusiasm for this creative and remarkable video, which gave way to minor disappointment when it became clear that the advertising element had not been fully disclosed. Either way it’s a good deal of fun, and admirable craftsmanship; here are two overviews of how it was achieved.

While we’re in a cartographic mood, let’s turn our attention to some intrepid explorers of design, who have decided to allow you to navigate their work with the interface of Google maps. Yet another example of design inspired by World of Warcraft and Grand Theft Auto.

Who brought the map? (Photo by Brandon Hill/Kansas City)

Sometimes design inspiration isn’t about making it good; here’s an inspired case of bad design, whose carefully engineered inefficiency may paradoxically increase the efficiency of your lungs.

Good design if you deliver mail; bad design if you're a dog. (Photo by Evelyn Pritt/Indonesia)

Bad design can be in the eye of the beholder. If you have a yearning for bermuda shorts and flipped collars, look out for the upcoming English print of Take Ivy, Japanese photographer Kensuke Ishizu’s tribute to the fashion of nepotism. (But watch out; we hear through the digital grapevine that nepotism is passĂ©.)

Preppies, like stereos, come in all sizes. (Photo by Roger Hagadone/New York)

Finally, just in case you feel that you did not waste enough time this week, here’s a helpful tool for next week.

We’d like to make sure you don’t miss out on our photographers’ activities, so here’s a little news flash.

Photographer Update:

-Asad Haider