Weekly Roundup: 8/12/11

Aug 12, 2011
Weekly Roundup

Photo tampering: A history.

Speaking of photo tampering, was Bachmann blinded by the light?

One awkward expression could end up shaping your political career. Photo by Josh Ritchie/Miami

National Geographic goes hipstamatic.

Underwater art gallery.

Unlike underwater photo exhibits, underwater performance art relies heavily on the whole underwater thing to be engaging. Photo by Ross Brown/New Zealand

Ants. Now available in fun colors!

Looks like we’re all doomed.

Well, there goes my money printing scheme.

With Photoshop no longer an option, a money boat had to be built and sailed on a tiny ocean to produce this shot. Photo by John Kuczala/New York

Sometimes allĀ  you need is a point and shoot to make a difference.

Photographers Update:

– Maria Luci

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