Weekly Roundup: 8/26/11

Aug 26, 2011
Weekly Roundup

Pin-ups in the days before Photoshop.

Gaddafi’s crushing on Condi Rice.

Borrowed from Gaddafi's personal collection. Photo by Robert Gallagher/Los Angeles

The New York Times gets nostalgic.

They do realize that oil paint is toxic, right?

The London (Photoshopped) riots!

Single file line to the riots please! Photo by Ryan Heffernan/Santa Fe

Stocking, the new copyright-iffy version of planking.

Bringing high fashion glamor to the streets!

Scoliosis... A fashion plus? Photo by Carmelo Donato/New York

The DC earthquake devastation hit hard.

A (somewhat biased) History of copyright laws.

The photo filter party is over.

Photographers Update:

– Maria

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