Weekly Roundup: 9/17/10

Sep 17, 2010
Weekly Roundup

The pixel is the basic unit of digital vision. Imagine if it were replaced with a human being. That’s what you’ll get in this incredible human reenactment of Pac-Man. Be sure to also watch Tetris. If other people see you transfixed by these videos, prepare to have them check the dilation of your pupils.

shadow puppets with car

Analog art. (Photo by Domino/Uruguay)

Of course, there’s still much to be said for analog. Simply putting something in the way of light can produce remarkable results, and that’s quite beautifully demonstrated by these shadow installations. (Note: I highly recommend viewing the Japanese television clip on this page.)

The media is all abuzz about Lady Gaga’s meat dress, and this BBC article offers five ridiculous interpretations. (I sympathize with the great English chef Fergus Henderson, whose restaurant St. John was the site of my first foray into eating bone marrow and beef tongue. He told the BBC, “I look at the pictures and think it would have been better if that meat had been cooked lovingly and eaten with a nice glass of red wine.”) But here at Wonderful Machine, we know that our photographer Michelle Nolan pioneered meat clothing long before Gaga.

meat suit

Who’s wearing the red wine? (Photo by Michelle Nolan/Chicago)

Photographer Update: