Weekly Roundup: 9/3/10

Sep 3, 2010
Weekly Roundup

Dig out your safety pins and take a trip back to 1977 and the punk aesthetic.

Punks drinking and smoking

It looks like punk's not dead, but I have heard that smoking kills. (Photo by Sonya Revell/San Francisco)

Extend your knowledge of unpopular culture with this tribute to the least-viewed videos on YouTube.

We’ve spoken before about redesigning money, but it’s clear that the logical next step is to sell advertising space in your wallet.

Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart gave a famous definition of pornography: “I know it when I see it.” I wonder what he would see in this Mormon’s photographic experiment.

Fashion girl in bikini

Pornography or art? Neither, it's fashion. (Photo by Hayes and Hayes/New York)

-Asad Haider