Weekly Roundup: Stewart Cohen, Nick Nacca

Jan 12, 2018
Weekly Roundup

In Las Vegas:

Dallas-based photographer Stewart Cohen recently traveled to Las Vegas to photograph The Cosmopolitan Hotel. Stewart has a long-standing relationship with property owners in Las Vegas and when one of his best clients moved over to The Cosmopolitan, they called him to do this shoot.

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The client wanted to update the photography that was currently being used for The Cosmopolitan’s marketing campaign. Above and beyond the brand campaign, the client also wanted to accumulate a library of images of the hotel and property.

Once Stewart was involved on the project, the pre-planning for the shoot began. Over a period of two months, Stewart and the team involved on the project worked closely together to do all of the location scouting, casting, and pre-production for the shoot.

I think the challenge these days is knowing exactly what the DNA of a brand is. We had issues walking the line of what the brand is versus what we wanted the shoot to be.

The shoot itself was fast and furious, but it was ultimately a huge success!

We shot live action and stills of every setup. Our strength is working on combo live action and still shoots. We do it in a way which is seamless and it doubles the opportunities for the client in their multi-channel marketing endeavors.

The only challenge the team faced was trying to be as least disruptive as possible to the everyday busy-ness of the hotel.

The reaction to the work has been very positive. Everyone loves the visuals and they are being used across the brand for a variety of print and digital applications.

Additional Credits:

General Market Agency: B&P advertising

Creative Director: Rob Catalano

Digital Agency: RG/A

Producer: Farah White

Stylist: Danny O’Neill

Make Up: Whitney Bansin

See more of Stewart at stewartcohen.com!

In San Diego:

Nick Nacca was commissioned by emerging shaving brand Raw Shaving to photograph one model and still life images of the Raw Shaving safety razors. The client wanted the images to convey a hardened, masculine impression. Nick spent time during the pre-production portion of the project testing and refining lighting setups that would keep a consistent look between the model and the highly reflective steel razors.

I tested lighting & treatments with the goal of finding a balanced look that would work for the still life as well as the model.

On set, Nick and model Weston Boucher established a rapport and they talked about photography (Weston is also a photographer) in between takes. The hard-edged lighting has been quite the attention-grabber and Nick has been receiving inquiries for similar portrait work.

The reaction has been very positive. I’ve been getting requests for portrait work with the same lighting. 

See more of Nick at naccaphoto.com!

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