Will Strawser: New Motion Reels

Jan 9, 2018
Photographer Spotlight

Nothing says Happy New Year like new motion reels for New York-based photographer Will Strawser. Gosh, that’s a lot of “new” things!

For Will, keeping his portfolio updated is essential. He understands the importance of periodically refreshing your display of work, both to show off your latest projects and demonstrate that you’re on top of your branding.

To effectively exhibit his experience shooting in motion, Will created two reels for 2018: one for his food and beverage assignments and one for his work with people. While the target client base is much different for each video, both of them serve to illustrate his and his team’s talents and skills when it comes to video production, as well as Will’s enthusiastic approach to his work.

A project like this is a little bit like putting together a trailer for a movie. You want to show the best clips, the work you're most proud of, the clients you want to show off, and overall you just want to excite people and give them a taste of who you are.

Will had a plethora of new content from his 2017 assignments to add to his motion portfolio. In particular, he was eager to share his work with Wegmans Food Markets, for whom he shot TV and web spots. He notes that their team’s desire to capture fresh food made for a positive experience. Wegmans was just one of several amazing clients that Will feels lucky to have been able to work with this past year.

Over the course of two and a half weeks, Will combed through his video work to find the pieces that best demonstrated his abilities. Having an idea of the style and pacing he wanted to create, the most difficult part of this process proved to be deciding what wouldn’t make the cut.

I think as creators we have this dedication to all of our work that makes it really hard to leave something behind. So, having to edit out the shots that you personally like a lot, but might not be best to the flow of the overall video, is a real challenge.

With some input from friends and colleagues, Will accomplished the final results he had in mind. He’s been able to show his new reels to potential clients and see firsthand during meetings how they respond. The positive reactions from producers, art buyers, art directors, and creative directors have let Will know that everything came together really well.

My favorite part is that moment where you realize “AWWW YEAHH, THAT WORKS!” and from a seemingly discombobulated timeline all of a sudden you see how fun the project is shaping up to be. 

This summer, his motion portfolio will likely get another refresh. In the meantime, check out his new reels below!

Additional Credits:

EditorMichael Schifino

Post Production House: Optic Sky Productions

DP: 57th Street Productions

See more of Will at willstrawser.com.

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