Welcome to Wonderful Machine!

Our Jumpstart page is designed to help you understand what our staff can do for you, and what you can do to get the most out of your Wonderful Machine membership. Every once in a while take a look for any changes, and please let Bill know if you have questions, concerns or suggestions.

Our Team

We have 26 staff members who are dedicated to your success. You can learn a bit about each of them on our Meet the Team page.

Your Website

Since our main objective is to drive quality traffic to your Wonderful Machine profile and your website, it’s very important that you optimize the design, functionality, and edit of your site and that it accurately reflects your interests, your skills, and the desired clients.

Your Print Portfolio

Our producers arrange Portfolio Events several times each month with important clients (mostly in New York City, but occasionally elsewhere). We can only take a limited number of print portfolios, our first priority is to bring the best examples of portfolios that fit the needs of the clients. With that said, we do our best to rotate in as many of our photographers’ portfolios as we can. If you’d like us to include your portfolio in our Portfolio Events, please ship it to Jack and give him your FedEx account number so we can ship it back to you when the time comes.

Your Wonderful Machine Profile

Upon joining, our associate photo editors will evaluate your website to determine which specialties are appropriate for you, and they'll select an image to represent each of those specialties. Our photo editors update several member profiles each day in order to cycle through everyone in approximately nine-month intervals. The process allows us to keep our site fresh and in sync with your current portfolio. Due to the dynamic nature of our site, we won’t be able to coordinate our image selections with you ahead of time, but let our photo editors know if you have any serious concerns and they'll do their best to accommodate you.

New Photographers, Recently Updated, On the Move

On our Find Photographers page, in addition to the photographer search interface, you'll see that we have widgets for New Photographers, Recently Updated, and On the Move. Upon joining, you'll automatically appear on the New Photographers list. When you make any major improvements to your website, let any of our associate photo editors know, and they'll add you to the Recently Updated list. And if you’re planning an extended trip and expect to have some wiggle-room in your schedule for an assignment, let them know your availability dates, and they'll add you to On the Move.

Landing Page

Our associate photo editors also select the pictures that we use on our landing page. While we attempt to cycle through all of our photographers, our first priority is selecting the strongest images to represent the Wonderful Machine brand. 

Blog Posts, Tear Sheets, Social Media, Press

We have a team of publicists who research, report, write, edit, and share articles about our photographers and by our staff. You can reach them at [email protected].

Most of the promotion we do can happen without your assistance, but the blog is where we need your help! Our main criteria for blog posts is to feature projects with some combination of the following:

  • Great Photos
  • High Production Value
  • Big-Name Clients
  • Interesting Backstory
  • Nice tear sheet

We get a lot of submissions for our blog, so we won't always be able to publish everything we get. But we will always do our best to spread the word about your accomplishments.

We share our blog posts and otherwise promote our members on Facebook and Twitter, and we're pretty active on Instagram too. We have a weekly Instagram takeover, and we mix in a variety of other content. We use Pinterest to share the best examples of our photographers’ marketing materials (whether we designed them or not) including boards for Logos, Print Promos, Emailers, About Pages, PDF Portfolios, and Stationery & Business Cards. We can grab some of that stuff directly from your website, but please send us JPGs of your print promos, PDFs of your emailers, and copies of your PDF portfolio if you'd like us to consider adding you to any of our Pinterest boards. We also post company news and business-y articles on our LinkedIn page.

Spotlight Emailers, Web Ads

Each month, our publicists feature the best content from our blog in an email promotion that we send out to about 15,000 prospects. We occasionally place a web ad each month on an industry website or blog. Sometimes we use photos; other times we'll do a text-only ad on Google AdWords.

Expert Advice, Pricing & Negotiating articles

Each month, one staff member writes an Expert Advice article and one of our producers writes a Pricing & Negotiating article on topics that we think might interest our members. Please contact our publicists if you'd like to suggest a topic that we haven't covered before or if you see one of our older posts that needs updating.

We share director's reels and portfolio videos on YouTube.

Marketing specialist Katie Keller handles our Stock Requests.

Client Research & Outreach

We divide prospective clients into three main types: publications, agencies, and brands. We have 6 researchers (2 updating each type of client), and our more senior producers then cherry-pick the very best clients to connect with. Our normal outreach process starts with an email asking for a phone call or a visit. When we get ahold of people, we share our network of photographers and learn more about their needs. Because we want to maximize our efforts for all of our photographers, we will not always notify you of each and every promotion effort. But each year, we'll send you a summary of the ways we've promoted you.

Find Crew, Find Agents, Find Resources

Our staff members are constantly interacting with all kinds of people in our industry, and as we gather valuable information, we like to share it with you. Our Find Crew page makes it easy to search for assistants, stylists and more from all around the world. Our Find Agents page is the most comprehensive list of assignment agents, stock photo agencies, and collectives anywhere. Our Find Resources page covers everything from professional services to workshops, festivals, galleries, and museums. Please let Bill know if you have any crew, agents, or resources you'd like to recommend.

Consulting Services

Wonderful Machine offers a wide range of expert Consulting Services for photographers including Photo Editing, Design, Publicity, Marketing, Estimating, and Production. No other company in the world offers all these services under one roof, which allows our photo editors, designers, publicists, marketing specialists, and producers to easily collaborate to give you comprehensive, integrated support. Your membership entitles you to a 20% discount off all of our published rates (our production rates are all custom, and we do not offer discounts on those). We bill at the beginning of each month for work done during the previous calendar month (whether that project has been completed or not). We use the credit card we have on file, and Adrienne will send you an itemized invoice several days before charging your card.

Your Marketing Plan

Wonderful Machine can be a valuable piece of your overall marketing plan, but it shouldn’t be the only piece. Every photographer needs to reconcile their interests and skills with the needs of the marketplace in order to decide on an appropriate path forward. If you're not sure where to start with your marketing, we offer a Branding & Marketing (BaM!) Plan, where we take a hard look at your existing brand, marketing materials, and marketing plan. We then deliver a comprehensive report with specific recommendations to help get you where you want to go. Over the past 12 years, and now with eight staff members interacting with clients on a daily basis, we've been able to compile an unprecedented list of commercial photography prospects. 

Contact our Marketing Team if you would like help building a list of clients or for any other marketing needs. 


Since we encourage clients to contact our photographers directly, there's no way for us to know about every assignment we get for you or every connection we make. So when you discover that someone found you through our site, please let us know. You can also use Google Analytics to monitor the traffic coming to your site, both from Wonderful Machine and other sources.

If you have any questions and you're not sure who to talk to, please reach out to our Marketing Team

If you decide to end your membership, please email Adrienne before 5pm the last business day of the month.

We're glad that you've decided to be a part of Wonderful Machine and we look forward to working with you!