• Client Outreach: November 2020

    Dec 1, 2020
    Client Outreach
    Our outreach team works daily to establish and maintain connections with the clients to whom we promote member photographers' work. Here's they accomplished in November of 2020.
  • Crew: Wardrobe & Costume Stylist

    Nov 24, 2020
    A Wardrobe & Costume Stylist delivers the clothing used in a photo or video production shoot and may need to create those costumes or find them, as well as be prepared for contingencies on the shoot itself.
  • Web Assessment: Hugh Tull

    Nov 18, 2020
    Consulting Case StudiesPhoto Editing
    Vancouver, Canada-based fashion photographer Hugh Tull came to us for a Web Assessment, looking for help in polishing his website presentation with a specific request for advice on editing and sequencing his web galleries.
  • Pricing & Negotiating: Last Minute Automotive/Portraiture Assignment

    Nov 17, 2020
    Consulting Case StudiesPricing & Negotiating
    Executive Producer Craig Oppenheimer explains how we estimated the cost of a last minute automotive and portraiture short with limited licensing.
  • Expert Advice: How To Register Your Copyright

    Nov 12, 2020
    Expert Advice
    Photo editor Honore Brown explains the process of copyright registration for photographic images, which is as important as it can be confusing.
  • Analytics: October 2020

    Nov 5, 2020
    The analytics numbers for October are all reassuring: users, sessions, and pageviews — along with a host of other categories — have all increased. This month Will Good drills down into the Audience portion of Google Analytics, providing some insight in the its meaning for you.
  • Social Media: October 2020

    Nov 4, 2020
    Report Card Items
    During the month of October our social media efforts continued undaunted. We saw increases in visitors to our Pinterest site and continued popular interest in Facebook posts and Instagram images.
  • Client Outreach: October 2020

    Nov 4, 2020
    Client Outreach
    The client outreach team works everyday to establish and maintain connections with the clients to whom we promote member photographers' work. This is a look at what they accomplished in October of 2020.
  • Member Open House: Real-Time Web Assessments

    Nov 3, 2020
    Member Open House
    Wonderful Machine Photo Editor Greg Jones took a look at the websites of three photographers — John Davidson, Nicole Franco, and Patrick Heagney — to help them figure out the best ways to create a powerful presentation.
  • Emailers: October 2020

    Nov 2, 2020
    EmailersReport Card Items
    As the leaves and temperature steadily fell, we remained focused on tidying our minds and our spaces. October’s Creative In Place assignments took stock of two often neglected yet important topics, Mental Health and Chores.
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