Sprouting Photographer Podcast: Photo Editing with Sean Stone

Jun 10, 2015
Wonderful Machine News

We're excited to debut a collaboration with the "iTunes Best of 2014" Sprouting Photographer podcast! Sprout is a blog directed towards beginner professional photographers. Experts on the blog offer advice about the business of being creative through how-to articles and podcasts that are designed to help strengthen your photography business. Each of Wonderful Machine's departments will be featured in a podcast over the next several months that touches on the importance and strategies of photo editing, marketing, design, production and publicity as a photographer. 

First on the playlist is senior photo editor Sean Stone who uses his mastery, gallery of successful edits and years of experience to deliver a didactic interview that explains why consistency throughout your career as a photographer is essential to your success. Listen to the podcast here.

Here's a brief list of the topics Sean touches on:

  • How retail photographers can transition into commercial work and commercial clients with their current images
  • Pros and cons of having multiple brands 
  • The importance of a portfolio that projects your aspirations, not just history as a photographer
  • The logistical progression that can take your work to the next level of clients
  • The significance of proper presentation, website and book design beyond photographs
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