Branding Overhaul: A Fresh New Look For Frantic Studio

Aug 24, 2015
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When Frantic Studio first approached me, their talent was obvious but their presentation was outdated and the functionality of their website hid their work. David and Julie Sutton, the studio’s dynamic duo, eager to take their brand and website to the next level decided that it was time for a change. But where to start?

Frantic Studios site before the redesign

A BaM Plan seemed like the logical next step to their journey. It would evaluate Frantic Studio from head to toe, address exactly what needed to be improved and give them a 12 month schedule on how to execute these improvements. Once we had the plan, it was time to start the Branding Overhaul or as I like to call it…the fun part. Their overhaul consisted of a logo refinement, web edit and web template customization. It was then a top-notch team was born; consisting of myself as manager, our photo editor Sean and our designer Samantha. David of Frantic Studio shared this insight on recieving his BaM Plan

...It was a little hard to look at first - The objective eye was encouraging but not necessarily flattering. But it was what we really needed. At that point I knew I couldn’t do everything... WM showed me what was obtainable if I gave up control and let them lead the way. WM really gave me/us a clear, concise road map to focus as brand and made the possibility to reach the next level a reality.

Working closely with Frantic and using the BaM Plan as a compass, the overhaul was underway. To communicate the studio’s fun and distinct character, Samantha gave the Frantic logo a fresh makeover. Sean selected and sequenced the studio’s motion and still content so their edit showed off their dual creative capabilities. 

Here's what Frantic Studio said in regards to their new logo and website:

I love how the Frantic Studio brand is presented. The funny thing is, when we go to family gatherings (bbq’s etc) somebody undoubtedly turns to us and says “I saw your new web site and I am so proud/can’t believe how successful you’ve become". I think Samantha did a great job with the logo and website and Sean was a very insightful editor. The WM team knew what we needed and how to get us there.

Finally, Samantha put together a new web template on Squarespace that was easy for clients to use and applied their branding across the site. 

When the overhaul was completed, Frantic Studio looked like the first-class studio it had always been. They’re now joining the Wonderful Machine roster as members and started using our marketing partner service. We work monthly on a variety of marketing campaigns; so far they’ve been on three portfolio meetings!

To see more of Frantic Studio's work, visit Want to get started on a BaM! Plan or branding overhaul ? Feel free to shoot me an email.

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