Bio: A Polished Piece for Guillaume Megevand

Sep 26, 2016
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Geneva-based photographer Guillaume Megevand specializes in lifestyle, portraiture, and travel photography. Guillaume had a self-written bio on his site, but he approached WM to make it more professional and polished.

I first sent him a questionnaire about his work, interests, and plans for his photography.

Next, I arranged to have a Skype chat with him. I found that he was friendly, engaging and outgoing. He told me stories about his travels, including a recent trip to Seoul where he was asked to sing in front of 500 strangers. (He did it.) He also communicated to me a very clear sense of what he wanted his bio to accomplish.

I then wrote two distinct, initial drafts for him. Each differed in tone, and I told him to choose which one felt more up his alley and we would work from that one. The first version was more casually anecdotal, tying in an international travel narrative. It started like this: 

Guillaume was born in Geneva, Switzerland. In a city full of dual citizenships, he’s unique among his friends for carrying only one passport. But that single passport allows him to unify two passions: meeting new people and photographing in his visually-assured style.

The other version read sleeker, but still conveyed the same brand identity. Here’s the first paragraph of that draft: 

Guillaume’s approach to photography is girded by his belief that genuine synergy between the photographer and the subject can distill itself into effective imagery. His work pays testimony to the practice that the camera should not operate as an artificial wall, but an optical bridge.

Both bios communicated his passion for travel, his amiability, and his goals with his photography.

The response was almost immediate, even given the seven-hour time difference between our locations. “This one is awesome,” he replied in an email. “Thanks a lot.” After some minor tweaks and a discussion of which clients to include, Guillaume now has an effective bio that fuses his personality, passions, and work. Here’s the final bio on his site:

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