Emailer: A Fun Template Design for Julia Vandenoever

Mar 20, 2015
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Julia Vandenoever is a Colorado-based photographer with a fantastic lifestyle-driven portfolio of kids, food and people. She recently approached our design team to help her create an attractive emailer template that would help her get noticed by national editorial and commercial clients like Garnet Hill Kids (children’s clothing and bedding). I teamed up with Julia and was delighted to hear that she had a clear vision of what she wanted: a simple, bright and clean emailer, which we both agreed would beautifully complement her work.

With that in mind, I got to work creating Julia’s first round of emailers. You may notice the use of a few very playful pop colors in the first round. Although we wanted to keep the emailer simple, we still wanted to add a quality that would reflect Julia’s lifestyle work and her fun personality. Here are a few of the options we came up with:






Julia liked a few pieces from each option, so I took a little from all of them and put together the final template design for the emailer. We also decided to use the bright green as her pop color because it’s a part of her current branding. Here is what we landed on for her final template:


Julia’s design includes all the vital elements for a great emailer: prominent placement of the logo and contact information, a large hero image to attract the viewer, live text to keep the email out of spam folders and, most importantly, multiple links to her website. We linked her logo, contact information and the social media buttons on the footer bar, because the ultimate goal for an emailer is to get people to your website with as many links back to your website as possible.

You can check out more great work from Julia on her website, and if you’d like help designing an emailer template, or more information about our design services, please visit our consulting page, or shoot me an email.


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