Design: More Than Wordmarks for Hillary Maybery

Feb 24, 2014
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Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Hillary Maybery, a talented photographer based in Sun Valley, Idaho. Hillary is the kind of person that you can get acquainted with and attached to really quickly. Not only is she remarkably charismatic and fun, but her personality comes across as well over email as if you’re talking to her in person and have known her for years. Each of her emails put a smile on my face, not just because of her bright and infectious personality, but also because of her overwhelming eagerness to make her branding the best it could be. Throughout the whole process Hillary was positive, responsive, and very receptive to all the suggestions I gave her.

Hillary’s existing logo was bright in color but didn’t have the distinction and fun, free-flowing feel that her images and personality embody so well. So, to start off, Hillary gave me some color inspiration. Having grown up on the water, Hillary loves aquatic-looking schemes, and with her cool, free-flowing mannerisms it made perfect sense as a palette.

Screenshot of Hillary Maybery's website inspiration

Once I had a sense of Hillary and her goals as a photographer, we dove headfirst into logo exploration. Knowing that Hillary was partial to the watercolor medium, I incorporated this into a couple of her logo options.

Several mockups for Hillary Maybery logo

Hillary Maybery logo mockup with all caps

Hillary Maybery logo mockup with circles highlighting the hi

Hillary Maybery logo mockup with watercolor background

Hillary chose to fuse one of the first options with the watercolor approach, we added some color variation, and we were well on our way to a lovely new logo. Next came the color options, and we explored the whole spectrum.

Hillary Maybery logo mockup with motion alternating color options

After exploring all of our options, Hillary made her final color selection.

Hillary Maybery logo mockup of just the hi

Hillary Maybery logo mockup with bolder text in hillary

We wrapped up Hillary’s re-branding with some gorgeous new business cards.

Hillary Maybery business cards front and back  Hillary Maybery business cards

The cards are printed by the folks at MOO from their Luxe Business Card line. The Luxe line from MOO brings the luxury of an edge-painted look to the digital printing world. Using their unique Quadplex technology, MOO sandwiches four layers of Mohawk Superfine paper together, including your color of choice in the center. Hillary opted for the bright blue, which compliments her new logo and makes for a  difference you can see and feel.

Hillary couldn’t be happier with the results, but I’ll let her speak for herself:

Thanks Melissa, It’s fantastic working with you! You got me from the moment we worked together smile you have been spot on with samples ….and made my logo design a perfect image of me!

Hillary’s new logo fuses hand-lettering with a watercolor wash, and a clever secondary mark that she can use in a variety of applications from stationery to her new website, which will be coming soon! Stay tuned!

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