Emailer: A Sophisticated Layout for Katie Newburn’s Vertical Photos

Jun 19, 2019
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Katie Newburn is a lifestyle and food photographer based in Portland, Oregon. Her photos display vibrant colors and modern compositions — a style that harmonizes with her refined brand. She wanted to incorporate her look into an emailer. And although Katie was familiar with Email Service Providers's like Emma and MailChimp, she had never translated her graphic and photographic identity into email design. To move away from the standard ESP templates, Katie reached out to Wonderful Machine to create a sophisticated emailer that matches her refined photos. 

Katie hoped to send the email as newsletters that focus on her photography. And right away, I wanted to capture the modern features of her images in the design. So, with our objectives in mind, I began the first round of emailers.

First Round

The first iteration consists of a horizontal lead image, supporting vertical photos, and small graphical elements. Katie reviewed the first round and gave great feedback. Because her pictures are often more vertical than horizontal, she wanted to try a jigsaw (uneven) layout to see if it would work best for her photos' orientation. 

Second Round

For this round, I focused on the bottom gallery, allowing the vertical photos to cascade down the page like a waterfall. After receiving Katie's approval, I combined the last two iterations into a final design.

Final Design

I used a vertical lead image, which made a stunning impact on the final design. The jigsaw gallery displayed Katie’s photos beautifully and was easy to develop in MailChimp. Katie now has the tools to create sophisticated emailers, reach out to clients, and show what she is capable of.

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