Emailer: A Featured Escape for Goran Kosanovic

Apr 20, 2015
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Bethesda, M.D. photographer Goran Kosanovic recently came to us to revamp his marketing in hopes of extending his reach to clients. Goran mainly shoots Food/Drink, Home/Garden, Hospitality and Travel, so that's what his marketing components needed to be centered on.  

To kick off his marketing escapade, marketing manager Ann MacMullan decided a BaM! (Branding and Marketing) Plan was the best approach to begin building his custom marketing strategy. One recommendation: create an emailer to showcase his strongest work and target desired clients. That's when I got involved and started brainstorming prototypes that Goran could use to catch the eyes of clients. So you may be wondering, why use an emailer? Well, It's a vital part of a photographer's marketing tool belt because it's an easy way to reach a large group of clients and keep in touch with past ones by sending them a little note to touch base and feature your new work. Another positive about using emailers? The analytics. Many email fulfillment systems like Agency Access and MailChimp offer free analytics that let you see who opened your email and clicked through. This gives you the ability to create a more targeted list of clients to use in the future for other promotions.

Goran knew from the beginning that his custom emailer had to capture all of his specialities, which worked with my vision since food, home, hospitality and travel photography usually compliment one another. Before we even thought about picking images, we needed to create an emailer template that would best meet his goal. I knew from the get-go I wanted to use a large hero image that featured one of Goran's gorgeous shots, a strong headline, body copy and links to his social media. With all of that in mind, I started designing the first round. Here are a few of my favorites:

Goran's first round of emailers  

When I showed Goran his first round of options he really liked certain compenents from each, such as a header from one and a footer from another. He had a hard time choosing a favorite, so I gave it another go and consolidated the designs into a second round, which you can see below:

Goran's second round of emailer options

After seeing those, he had one last suggestion: make the email button pop more, so staying consistent with his brand, we decided to change it from gray to orange. Take a look at his final emailer:

Goran's final emailer

The final product hosts all the vital elements for a successful emailer: attractive images, contact info and links. One of the most important components is to have multiple links to his website: the logo, URL, main image and headline all link back to his site. Goran's emailer also features live text, (which is crucial for anything that's emailed in bulk) as it's the piece of the emailer that prevents it from being intercepted by a spam folder. Finally, the bottom features links that go to all of his social media sites, making it easy for clients to connect with him in a number of ways.  

You can see more of Goran's work at, and if you're interested in a customized emailer for yourself visit our design consulting services page. If you'd like help with writing the headline or body text of an emailer, visit our publicity services page.

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