Emailer: A New Chapter for Raquel Langworthy

Dec 18, 2018
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New Jersey-based photographer Raquel Langworthy, who specializes in lifestyle and home & garden, got in touch with us at the end of the summer for a fresh emailer design. She had never gotten an emailer template designed before and was ready to ramp up her e-marketing strategy.

With a new baby on the way, Raquel wanted to get started with the design as soon as possible, so she could send updates to her followers and prospective clients. That way, when all the amazing chaos of a new baby arriving finally drew to a close, she would have a template that was ready to go. 

Raquel has a vibrant and lively approach to her work — the colors are strong, the lights are bright, and everything is clean and crisp. Her photographs have a sense of positive energy to them and you're left smiling, even if you've only been looking at a kitchen. She also has excellent branding; Raquel herself has a design background, so her branding was ready to be applied.

I started by discussing with Raquel what she wanted her emailer to do. She mentioned promoting the content on her blog, as well as allowing some space to include snapshots of her most recent projects.

With that in mind, I began putting together multiple different options for Raquel’s emailer. I split them into two groups:

Raquel Langworthy emailer design interiors

Home & Garden

These versions of the emailer used home & garden-based photos; this features a collection of similar layouts, with some slight variations in design.

Raquel Langworthy emailer design lifestyle


These versions of the emailer used lifestyle/travel-based photos; this features a collection of similar layouts, with some slight variations in design.

After mulling over the options, Raquel proposed a combination; she liked the presentation of her logo on a white header like some of the iterations, but overall, she preferred Interior Option 1. After discussing some refinements, we decided that we could add a few more photos, as well as adjust the footer design so everything looked more balanced.

Raquel Langworthy final emailer design

Final Design

While discussing these with Raquel, she mentioned that her website was hosted through Squarespace. Around this time, Squarespace had just launched their E-Marketing Services for those who already had a website hosted on their platform. Although the design was originally done with MailChimp in mind, I knew that Squarespace’s interface would not only be better for Raquel to manage but would also allow for a seamless blog integration.​

While the final design had to be tweaked slightly to fit Squarespace’s beta algorithm, it turned out to be a really well put together e-blast! This was WM’s first time working with Squarespace’s E-Marketing, and after such a great experience, it's definitely a service we plan on continuing to use in the future.

If you’re interested in an updated emailer design of your own, or any of our other design services, email me or call 610.260.0200!