Emailers: September 2016

Oct 5, 2016
Spotlight Emailers

We sent out two tasty emailers this September, with feature stories from Elysa Weitala and Tadd Myers. Take a look below!


We sent each emailer out to a list of over 2,500 clients, totaling 5,243 successful deliveries. We had an average open rate of 25% and received a total of 122 clicks. We continue to see a rise in our click rates as the summer is over and as we fine-tune our send times with A/B testing. This month, we did use A/B testing to test for send time, but next month, we may start to test things like subject line and day of the week. We look forward to continuing to find patterns in the success of our emailers and capitalizing on those successes!

That's all for September! Check back next month to see our October emailers. If you have any questions, drop me a line! And if you have any projects you'd like to share, contact Mariah!

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