Emailers: September 2017

Oct 2, 2017
Spotlight Emailers

Summer is officially over but the Photographer Spotlight Emailers are still going strong summer, spring, winter, and fall. To kick off September we sent out an emailer featuring East Point, Georgia-based photographer Fernando Decillis and his work with Colombian super-star Sofia Vergara and Aguila Beer.

Aguila Beer, sofia vergara, Animal Photography, Cynthia Lynn, sports and fitness photography, Jonne Roriz, Still Life Photography, Jennifer Silverber,  Food & Drink Photography, Celebrity Photography, Fernando Decillis

We sent this emailer out to 13,211 clients, with 12,366 (93.6%) successful deliveries. So far the email has averaged an open rate of 23.7% and our click rate averaged .3%

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Tags: aguila beer animal photography celebrity photography cynthia lynn fernando decillis food & drink photography jennifer silverberg jonne roriz sofia vergara sports and fitness photography still life photography