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Mar 12, 2014
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by Joey Pasko

Ashok Sinha came to Wonderful Machine seeking help in the form of a Branding and Marketing Plan to assess his business and discover how he should move forward in the coming year. Our team of experts was able to identify Ashok’s strengths and weaknesses in his business and provide him with tools to resolve them. For my part, I assessed Ashok’s graphic identity and how it was being handled across his collateral materials. While Ashok was using it well and fairly consistently, his original logo (below) lacked a certain elegance and punch to make it memorable for clients and colleagues alike.


After talking to him about our graphic identity consulting package, we began working together to craft him something striking and memorable. With his original logo, Ashok was going for a clean and slick look, but it ended up just coming off as generic and plain due to the standard typeface and lack of originality. I began working up clean, modern logo ideas that could still be eye catching and original.


After some back and forth, Ashok and I landed on a logo that had just the right amount of originality and sophistication to perfectly match his work. By customizing a sleeker and more handsome font,  we could give Ashok the suave and professional look he wanted that couldn’t be easily duplicated.

We also decided to create some secondary marks for Ashok that he could use in other places. Secondary marks for a logo are great because they are consistent with the branding of one’s graphic identity, but they allow you to change the logo depending on the context. Whether it’s on a business card or twitter profile,  the secondary marks have the same punch that the original wordmark does.


Despite having different logos on different pieces of Ashok’s stationary, they never seem out of place or odd.


After completing our work together, Ashok gave some feedback on his experience:

It was a pleasure working with Joey on this project.  He took into account my work, my aesthetic sense as well as my intended brand positioning and created an identity piece that captured all elements elegantly.

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