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Nov 23, 2015
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A little while ago, I had the pleasure of collaborating with the wonderful Morgan Kazanjian on a PDF portfolio for Portland-based photographer Gregory Pierce. One of our marketing specialists had been working with Gregory on marketing implementation and a number of clients they had reached out to had mentioned a PDF portfolio. We discovered that a number of high-end hospitality clients actually prefer PDF portfolios over website portfolios.

With those high-end hospitality clients in mind we got started on assembling a PDF portfolio for Gregory. Before we got started on the design side of things Morgan went in and crafted a beautiful edit of Gregory’s architecture, lifestyle, food and hospitality work. Read a little bit more about her process here. Once the edit was all finished up it was time to start on the design portion. I started the PDF off with a simple and clean cover page that featured Gregory’s branding.

Cover Page

Next up were the interior pages. We decided to go with Gregory’s secondary mark on the left-hand side and his email and web address on the left. Its important to include your branding and contact information on each page, just in case one page gets separated from the rest. Here are a few of the interior pages from Gregory’s PDF.

Interior Page

Interior Page

Interior Page

Interior Page

Once we had all the interior pages all finished up it was time to wrap up the PDF with a contact page. Due to the fact that Gregory shoots out of the country quite a bit we included both his international and US phone numbers. Here is a shot of the contact page.

Contact Page

Now that we had the PDF all finished up it was time to start sending out the PDF to the target audience of high-end hospitality clients. Click on the image below to view Gregory’s full PDF portfolio.

Be sure to check out Gregory’s website, If you are interested in a PDF portfolio of your own or any of our other design services, visit our consulting page or shoot me an email

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