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Nov 15, 2017
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Being a photographer means wearing a lot of hats. You're an artist, bookkeeper, negotiator, researcher, hiring-manager, marketer and billing department. Whew – what a life! As we outlined in our Expert Advice article Finding A Rep, an agent can be the most helpful of hands — managing existing client relationships, seeking new opportunities, negotiating fees, sometimes even producing photo shoots.

If you decide that it's time to explore the possibility of working with an agent, our Find Agents page is a great place to start your search. Not only is it the most comprehensive list you'll find anywhere, but we even have them divided into five helpful categories.

Agents for Advertising Photographers

Because advertising assignments tend to be expensive and complex, agents who represent advertising photographers keep a relatively small number of photographers on their roster. Most agents work on commission, taking between 20% and 30% of the photographer's fee. In exchange, they will help manage existing client relationships, attract new clients, negotiate fees, and sometimes even handle shoot production.

Screenshot of Bernstein & Andriulli's homepage

Check out New York-Based Bernstein & Andriulli (B&A) to see an excellent example of an agent for advertising photographers. 


Collectives are groups of photographers who join forces to provide for themselves many of the services that a traditional agent would otherwise provide. They pool resources and pass on appropriate assignments to each other, creating a community where being collaborative furthers each photographer’s pursuits. While every collective has their own structure, members usually share the burdens (financial and otherwise) of their marketing, billing, and administrative support.

Screenshot of Prime's homepage

Browse through Prime Collective's site to see an example of a successful collective.

Agents For Corporate & Editorial Photographers

Unlike the bigger-ticket advertising assignments where photographers are often traveling wherever the shoot is happening, the tighter budgets and tighter timing of many corporate and editorial shoots means that those agents need a much bigger roster (sometimes hundreds) of photographers to call on, and they tend to be widely disbursed geographically. Similar to agents for advertising photographers, these reps will take a commission, although somewhat higher, at 30-50%. 

Panos pictures homepage

Take a look at Panos Pictures' site to find out more about their corporate & editorial photographers.

Wire Services

Wire services (also known as news services) are not agents in the usual sense, because they tend to cover news events as a matter of course, not because a particular client is asking for that coverage. Wire services tend to have staff photographers and stringers working for them (for a salary, a day rate, or an assignment fee rather than a commission).

Caters' homepage

Caters News Agency has offices in New York and London and helps provide news stories for publications around the world.

Stock Photos and Footage

Stock picture agencies maintain archives of still photos and video for commercial and editorial licensing. They tend to want to work with photographers who are committed to contributing fresh content on a regular basis.

Check out ReduxStock to see a Stock agent in action. 

We created our Find Agents page to help photographers know what options are out there.

Feeling a little lost? Our marketing consultants are happy to help you with Finding A Rep.

Do you have any questions about using the page or suggestions on how we can improve our listings? Feel free to reach out – I’d be happy to hear from you!