iPad Edit: A Refined Look for Dan Bigelow

Sep 8, 2015
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Dan Bigelow is a Connecticut based commercial photographer who specializes in corporate, industrial and education photography. He’d been busy shooting lately and was interested in putting together an iPad portfolio to show off some of his newer work, supplement his print book, and enhance the recent web edit I’d completed for him. My goal was to ensure that no matter the time or the place, Dan would always be ready to present some fresh new content and a strong edit of work to clients.

A pair of images from Dan’s Corporate gallery

A pair of images from Dan’s Corporate gallery

We started off the process with a Skype conversation to discuss the recent assignments that Dan’s been doing and the new clients he’s looking to work for. In addition to continuing to shoot for clients like Forbes and the WSJ, he voiced interest in picking up more education and industrial work, particularly with smaller colleges and universities and larger construction companies. Keeping that in mind, it was important for me to create a solid and balanced portfolio showing off how equally strong and adept Dan is at shooting these distinct specialties.

A striking image for the opening of Dan's Industrial gallery.

After our initial conversation Dan spent some time gathering content for the edit, making sure to include all of his recent work along with the work that he’s currently showing on his website and any other projects shot within the last 4-5 years. After I downloaded all of the content he sent over, I got to work organizing his photos according to specialty and rating and flagging the strongest, most commercially viable imagery. Keeping in mind that the iPad edit needed to offer something different than both his website and print book, I chose images that would offer a fresh and streamlined view of his work and brand. Then, I began sequencing the galleries. 

An engaging and expressive shot from Dan’s education portfolio, highlighting his skills for photographing higher ed

Once the edit was complete, I implemented it on our in-house iPad using the Foliobook app and set it up according to how I envisioned Dan showing it to clients. The homepage promotes his three primary specialties along with a projects button that links to a separate page to showcase an assortment of well-defined editorial and personal projects. I also made sure that his branding and design elements were consistent with that of his website. After giving the edit a trial run and making sure it looked and functioned exactly as it should, I sent a series of pdfs over to Dan for him to review and implement on his own.

Dan was really happy with the galleries I submitted, and with how fast and streamlined the process was:

“Wonderful Machine has been a great source of new client contacts over the past year and a half that I have been a member.  One way to keep that going is to keep my site and promotional materials updated with new work and a fresh look.

Stacy’s edits do a great job of showing strong single images at the same time as keeping a subtle narrative theme which ties together the photographs in each gallery. I’m quite pleased with her work and look forward to showing off the new content and gaining the attention of some new clients too!”

Feel free to check out more of Dan’s work along with the web edit I did for him a few months back  on his site—danbigelow.com  . And be sure to get in touch if I can help you with an iPad edit of your own!

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