July 2014 Analytics

Aug 1, 2014

Another month, another analytics report! The Wonderful Machine blog saw 18,539 sessions and 66,377 pageviews in July, up with the new sessions up 11% from this time last year.


The search site generated 12,778 sessions and 17,003 pageviews, with the number of new sessions up 29% from this time last year.


Below are the top referrals to the WM search site in July. The blog led the way, followed by Peta Pixel, Facebook and A Photo Editor.


Below are the top clicked Wonderful Machine photographers in July. Edgardo Contreras led the way, followed by Kayoua Xiong, Kevin Necessary, Martin Bauendahl and Ball & Albanese. Stanton J. Stephens also made the list with 51 views, which is awesome because he’s a new member!


We had a lot of BUSY photographers in July, which is awesome! We love hearing about jobs, and it’s even better when they come through Wonderful Machine. Below are a few recent successes:

  • “I want to thank you again for inviting me into your roster of photographers. The past two years have been a blur and I’ve been very blessed. I could not have done it without the support of Wonderful Machine and the many, many assignments I’ve received due to being on the site.” – Jason Myers/ Nashville, TN
  • “A few weeks ago I had a whirlwind assignment from the Hollywood Reporter in Brunei. They had originally been looking for stock photos it seems through a WM request, but I guess they didn’t get what they needed, so they sent me at last minute’s notice on assignment six hours after I got the call. Glad it all worked out!” – Kara Fox/ Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • “Just wanted to let you know I have gotten a couple of recent assignments off the site..An editorial piece for an IBM publication where the AD found me on there..And another that was funny..a photographer in Wisconsin that i met at SB# in Chicago 3 years ago does work for Schneider, the trucking company, and they asked him to recommend some here. He went to WM and recognized my name…we did one shoot last month, another coming up Friday.” – Michael Hart/ Houston, Texas

Well, that’s a quick look at July’s Analytics! If you need help understanding your own Analytics, we have a great tutorial on Google Analytics and Google has an informative Help page as well.