Project Pitch: A New Path for Taylor Roades

Apr 20, 2016
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Taylor Roades is one of our travel and outdoor lifestyle photographers from Vancouver, Canada who came to me recently looking for help to promote her project “Postcards from Patagonia.” Originally, Taylor had planned on promoting her project after she returned, but when I suggested we hit the ground running by pitching her adventure from the beginning, she was really excited. And so, we got to work clarifying her concept for the trip and Taylor began creating a simple and visually engaging treatment that would appeal to the brands she was most interested in.

Her photography-centered journey down the coast of Chile aimed to empower more women to get out there and explore the world. Her style, concept and treatment was a perfect fit for outdoor lifestyle and adventure brands looking to take their products to new heights.

After we settled on the images and text, I reached out to a curated list of about 50 clients across the United States and Canada, whose message aligned with Taylor’s exciting adventure. Check out a few images from the treatment below:

Postcards from Patagonia

Postcards from Patagonia featuring photograph by Taylor Roades of someone hiking

Postcards from Patagonia about page featuring photograph by Taylor Roades

Postcards from Patagonia project featuring photograph by Taylor Roades of someone looking out at the landscape


Postcards from Patagonia images featuring photography by Taylor Roades

We had an overwhelming response from clients interested in learning more about sponsorship and the project in general. Athleta, an athletic clothing company that caters to women, even offered Taylor the opportunity to work as their brand ambassador for Instagram and other social media outlets. And we were able to connect with Columbia, Ibex, Patagonia, REI, and Marmot, who were all interested in discussing opportunities regarding the trip. Taylor is scheduled to return home in May, and we are looking forward to following up with these clients to show them the completed project.

To see more of Taylor's work, check out For more info on a project pitch, shoot me an email!