Reaching New Heights: A New Treatment for Blake Jorgenson

Jan 17, 2019
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Canadian adventure photographer and WM member Blake Jorgenson reached out to us to develop a treatment template so that he could translate his brand to his clients through his production overviews. This would be the next step in landing more prestigious clients to add to his already impressive list.

I was really happy to hear this: treatments are vital and often overlooked by photographers. They combine marketing expertise, pitching, estimating, and design into a single presentation. They’re meant to woo a potential client or remind a frequent client why they keep coming back. In short, a treatment is a combination of who you are and why you’re the best for this project.

Blake’s photography has an authentic exhilaration — it’s no question why so many potential clients are drawn to his style. His subjects endure and enjoy different beautiful, yet sometimes harsh and unforgiving landscapes: man and machine are shown in the thrill that nature provides. His graphic also brings a sense of free-spirited, yet rugged adventure.

One of Blake's photographs

Blake needed something that would cover all of his bases. Projects take on many different forms and require different presentations, so he wanted something that he could edit and use for productions of every shape and size. He also handed over his brand to me, so that I could add it into the presentation design.

I went to work creating a general layout and figuring out all the different slides that a photographer like Blake would need: image spreads, estimating, crew and staff, space for a cover letter, and terms and conditions were among them. After consulting with our Executive Producer, Craig Oppenheimer, about the usage of the presentation, I got right to work.

Some selects from the first iteration of Blake Jorgenson's treatment

The first iteration of the presentation was very basic; I used a simple web font to support his brand and included the full logo on the first page, with the icon in the upper-right corner of each page.

After discussing the treatment with Blake, we wanted to take the design a step further to appear as a more integral part of his brand. So, I decided to add the same custom-designed type that he has in his logo, as well as creating a transparent underlay to go beneath the content of the treatment.

Click the image below to see the full treatment presentation!


I was beyond pleased with how the final iteration turned out! Blake was really happy to receive the final product and was excited to get to work on putting it to good use.

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