PDF Edit: Gregory Pierce’s Tropical City Escapes

May 4, 2015
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Morgan Kazanjian

When Portland-based photographer Gregory Pierce was working with one of our marketing specialists on marketing implementation, the subject of a PDF portfolio was brought up by some of the clients they were contacting. They discovered many high-end resorts and hotel chains prefer a PDF portfolio, so Gregory and I got started on a brand new PDF creation.

One of the tricky things to deal with when creating a PDF portfolio is the length. While creating something that’s only around 20 images may seem much easier than a web or print portfolio (I’ll just pick my strongest pictures … done!), it presents some unique challenges. It’s shorter and more focused than a web portfolio, and needs to show the different elements of what you’re focusing on—in Gregory's case architecture, lifestyle, food and hospitality—in fewer pictures than a print portfolio. 

When I initially started, I focused on showing images that would appeal the most to tropical locations, as Gregory had such a developed portfolio of that work that hit every element a hotel would want to see for a potential hire. When Gregory mentioned he would like to see more city images, we considered making two separate PDF portfolios—one to target tropical locations and one to target urban locations.

After chatting with another WM staff member, we realized that having one PDF that combined both of those things would make it much easier to send to clients, as it would apply to everyone regardless of their location.  

The key to combining these two very different types of images was finding the best way to seamlessly transition between the two, which was made all the more difficult by the limited real estate that a PDF portfolio provides. The tropical images overall had a cooler color palette, while the urban images were much warmer, so I used a warmed toned tropical image, followed by a food image that could work with either body of work, before really getting into the city images. I also opted to end with an image that was in an urban environment, but really captured the feeling of the resort photos, to encompass everything and end on a high note.

It was the second round of compiled images that Gregory and myself were most happy with. It still showed off Gregory’s ability to skillfully capture all of these different elements, while also showing his ability to do so in any location. From there it went to one of our designers, to bring it from PDF portfolio to PDF port-fabulous by adding Gregory’s branding to each page. The subtle gold of his logo worked wonderfully with his images, and brought the whole thing together in a very polished presentation. You can see his full PDF portfolio by clicking the image below:

Click the image above to view Gregory's final PDF portfolio.

To see more of Gregory’s work check out pierce-photo.com, and if you’re looking to create a PDF portfolio of your own or want help with other edits, visit our consulting services page or give me a shout!

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